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HMF Penland Pro Series

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Okay guys, I need some help with this. I want the power gain that this slip on promises, but I'm afraid the noise will ruin the pleasure of the gain. So tell me what you think.
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if you dont care for a loud pipe dont buy it have one of the g/fs 450 and its loud
hmf utility it louder
If you get the quiet core with it, it won't be to bad noise wise. It was an extra $20 where I got it. Still quite a bit louder than stock though.
There is a big difference between the HMF with the quiet core as opposed to not having it in!!!
QUOTE ("biglou06foreman":1x55omzx)
hmf utility it louder
the penland pro is actually a couple of db's louder. there is a quiter version of the penland but not large gains with it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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