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HMF Pendland or Utility

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does anybody run the penland on here i'm wondering if it'll give mroe power than the utility
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i read somewhere that the penland gave more HP
i hear the penland works throughout the powerband better for all around power...where as the utility series is more for low end grunt....i ment to ask Mike Penland about this when I met him at mud nats but forgot to ask .

I think his series is probably more for the whole powerband since he is a racer......anyone else have more knowledge on this subject?????please chime in!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just got the penland for my girlfriends 02 450 along with a jet kit and k&n dont have it installed yet and dont really plan on riding until pumpkin run but after that i can let you guys know how it works out for her
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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