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HMF owners????

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I washed my fourwheeler the other day and noticed that the black(I got the black color option) is coming off it!! WTF if I woulda known it was just gunna come off I woulda went with the standard polished or brushed whatever it is! And another thing one of my screw holes in the pipe is stripping out.....I ran the quiet core and had everything tight and rode for a few hours and all of a sudden my fourwheeler got really loud...I guess the quiet core caused it to shake loose???? When I took it out and put the cap back on I noticed that one screw wouldn't get tight so I took it out and put loc tite on it!!! I even let everything cool off before I did any work on it????

The main problem is the color cuz now my pipe looks like hammerd SH!T
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welll I guess youll just half to get a new won
Thanx captain obvious!!! I was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems???
lol nope its never happened to me my colers are still flyin highI guess you just got a dud lol lol
check with hmf, but i think i remember when i ordered mine that the colors were guaranteed to to fade, burn, or change colors for several years. they should stand by it just give 'em a shout and see what they say. should be taken care of.
Yes. just give them a call. I have not dealed with them personally, but after seeing that those guys actually take the time to look at other forums and help people out, i was sold on thier product. They have their own forum, check it out. I'm sure they will get you straightened out!
well jgb...i just recently installed the brushed aluminum HMF on my bike...i was gonna go with the red, but the guys over at talked me into the brushed or polished...they said that after about 6 months or my riding(mud bogging), that the colored pipes are gonna be staind, faded, and dinged to **** and for the stripped screw..are you running an exhaust snorkel?
after last post i saw and recogonized the part about the stripped screw. i had the same problem with mine, all 3 screws one at a time till i lost my end cap. i sent it off because they said it was a flaw with their stuff.

worst part is i sent my pipe to be repacked. original quote over the phone was $35, that included a free end cap due to their "design flaw". it cost me $85 to get it back because they said they had to replace the can due to excessive staining. dont understant but i assume they directed the end cap money towards something else. i was hot!!
oh yeah, no exhaust snorkel here.
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