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Hmf only for 06-07 foreman???

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I found a hmp pipe on ebay. They had it listed for a 06-07, I emailed them and asked if it would work for the 05, I figured it would I just wanted to know why they did not list it. This is what they sent me...

"Sorry, I don't think it fits. This is straight from the forums":

"The rubicon and foreman 500 are the same up until the 2005 year. Then honda made a change to the foreman 500 in 2006 so we changed the pipe for the foreman 500 for 2006 and up."

What gives?
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Inlet sizes on the 05 and 06 are different. An 05 Foreman pipe will fit the 05 Rubicon and the 06 Foreman pipe will fit the 06 Rubicon.
Thats good to know!
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