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HMF N JET kit??

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Should you get a jet kit when you buy an hmf pipe and if anyone has it is it worth it? Does anyone have any problems with the bike dying if the pipe is under or do you just turn the idle up or leave it the same.
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when you get a aftermarket pipe your are not going to see a huge differance other then sound unless you do get the jet kit it does make a bigger differance..........also with the water thing you can turn the idle up alittle not much and you will be just fine
i got it

i got the hmf kit with the jet...

big difference when it comes to low end torque...

the only drawback that i have seen was when you go through a lot of water, which i do, the exhaust loses it's "shine"...from the hot pipe going in the water i guess...

oh well, it works for me...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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