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HMF install question

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My HMF and jet kit are on the way, will I have to cut the stock pipe near the muffler or is it a slip on also? And does anyone have a blue print pic of the carb (05 foreman), I would like to study it b4 hand.
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The HMF is a slip on. I had some trouble gettin' mine one, but with some
hollerin' & screamin' & some grease, it went on. I also had to cut some
more grooves in the end where it slips on. No problems at all once it went
This seems to be typical...a 2005 foreman...hard getting on, a 2006 Foreman..hard getting on, 2003 Foreman..hard getting on. I heard that its just a tight fit. Take the rear tire off. This will help SOME...Not alot. Give it a little tug, push, pull and you got to hold your mouth just right and it will come off. Expect the same while putting it on. Everyone is putting them on in their garage, so you can do it. Expect to cuss alot. You will be fine. Good luck.
You can find the blueprint you wanted HERE. Wasnt sure on the model of yours (other than 05 500) as the carbs are different.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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