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HMF help

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I just got a hmf and the darn thing doesn't fit. If i slide it all the way on were it should be the bolt hole doesn't line up for the muffler. If I line up the bolt hole then I have exhaust leaking out of the slits at the head of the hmf pipe. Please help because hl is closed today.
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has anyone had this problem? Or did I take off too much of the factory pipe?
i am thinking that i might have gotten the wrong pipe. I have installed these in the past and have never had this problem. Well i am just about mad because i have got to have this ready by tuesday so i can leave for mud nationals wed. I have got to spend all day today on my friends brute force putting lift, springs,hmf, jet kit, snorkel kit, and a buch of other stuff and not have much time for mine. So ineed all the help i can get.
You did put a clamp on the head pipe correct?

Try loosening the headpipe from the motor just enough so it has some play. Then try to line up the holes on the pipe and tighten the clamp.
mine dident fit exactly, i think i had to shim it alittle but i finally got it lined up
I had the same problem. I had to cut 2 more grooves in mine & put some
grease on it to make it fit. With a lot of yellin' & screamin', i finally got it on.
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