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HMF exhaust tip allen bolts

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anyone know a place that sells those bolts, i forgot that i put them in a ziplock bag and put the ziplock over the end of the exhaust and sealed it off with rubberband to keep moisture out of it and i went out today and cranked it up and then i saw the ziplock take off flying, only found 1 bolt, still was gonna get another tip and then take the old one and hack it off and make the old one into a snorkel on the exhaust end, then i would have a stock one and then a snorkeled one that i can switch in and out, if any of yall know a place that sells just the bolts that would be grate, if not i guess i will just have to email hmf exhaust and ask them to throw in some bolts with the other tip when i get it
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u still have one right.. if so go to ur local auto parts store they might have them..
any hardware store that sells that stuff would have ace hardware, true value, or whatever

let me know how that works out b/c i have been thinking of doing the same thing.
Make sure to get Stainless bolts. That way they won't rust or corrode.
Also re-torque them after a while. I dont think The instructions tell you to do that but I lost my tip.
haha that must suck...everytime i take the bolts out i think i broke the bolt or stripped te lil allen hole out cuz it just crackes

but yea ima go a few places on friday and see if i can get something done
i stripped one of mine out... i just took em off and rivioted it in... that way it wont go no where
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