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HMF exhaust for 05 500

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What is the part number for the HMF utility exhaust for the 05 Foreman 500? OR what model do I ask for when I go into a dealer and ask for it. Does HMF have a site that list the right one for the 05-06 Foreman's.
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Just tell them you want one for the 05 foreman...HMF makes one for it, Im not sure what other models are compatible....if any are compatible.
Yea they should be able to tellyou the part num. just tell them you want the utility series.

be sure to tell them your location so they will know which jet to send you
What is the round-a-bought price of the HMF utility pipe for the 500?
hmf price

I gave around $250.00 for pipe and jet

this is where i got comes as a complete kit..
i paid $215 for a jet and pipe.
I paid $218.00 for my HMF shipped.

i was lucky, my friend is the manager of a 4wheeler dealershop and he gave me the display model which is the HMF pipe for free!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was glad because i had the suppertrap exhaust and it sucks!!!! and i broke the weld on the muffler!!!!!!! i have almost everything for my foreman now! but it is still in the shop!!
Why has it been in the shop for so long?

the hurricane got them backed up and low on workers, and i had to bore the motor out, i put a new crank in it too , ive broke what robb breaks the trans!!
Hope you get it back soon. I would've gone crazy without mine for that long.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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