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HL wheel spacers

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When you order 1" HL wheel spacers do you get all 4 for $84.95?
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ya big daddy
i think u should... if not thats high i think....
its 84 a pair, i boughtt 1.5's and it was a pair.
I figured they would get ya one way or the other!
Aastelly is correct they sell them in pairs
I got spacers off of ebay for 19.99 a pair. Had them for a while now and no problems yet. They just thread over your old studs.

i heard that if you know someone at a machine shop you can get a set made....a **** of a lot cheaper...
the best spacers to buy are the solid aluminum ones
I heard if you put spacers on you wear out your ball joints quick, is that true?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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