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HL springs without spring tool

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OK, this worked for me, but would not advise for anyone weighing less than 250lbs. So if you are 98lbs soaking wet and want to try this get a fat friend.
When I got my springs in I was going to bring them to work with me and use the shop tools, or build a spring compressor out of scrap laying around work. BUT, I'm very impatiant. So after pulling of the shocks I was kinda playing around to see how stiff they are and figured out that I could almost compress them by hand enough to get them off. So hapens that my stock wheels where near by and, the spring was a pretty nice fit in the center of the wheel. So I put the spring down in one rim and used another to push down on the top. My wife was able then to pull out the retainer with some needle nose plyers. The front springs were a little tougher but was manageable.
I clame no responsibility for anyone trying this. This is just a comintary on what I did. If you try this yourself you are doing so at your own risk.
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LOL the crazy stories i hear from people not using that tool..
i am up in the air if i want to add those springs or not..
keep us updated on how you like them!
man i put them on and yes you can make the tool very easy just make sure the prying arm is very long for leverage. But once there on they kick but. The easiest thing to do is pick your bike up and just before the wheels leave the ground, that will be how tall your bike is. i have 16 INCHES of ground clearance.
The tool is nice to have! They sent me one because of an order mess up I love free tools! But It was soooooooooooo easy with the tool and it's only like 40 bucks.
HL springs

Im very dissapointed in the springs! The front end of my Foreman still sags. When I phisically pick up the front end of the bike, it still travels about 3 inches. Its as if I had never done anything to the front end. I hate that lowered look on the front. The back springs are awesome though, picked it up pretty good.
I used ratchet straps to do my springs. It takes one strap to take off the stock springs BUT takes 2 straps to put the HL springs on.

I am glad I put the springs in, I like them.
450mud I dont know how long you had your springs but you may want to check the part numbers to make sure you received the right ones. It shouldn't be sagging at all unless you have a ton of stuff on the front rack. They may have sent you springs for a 400 foreman.

if you have access to making a tool or buying one, get it. $40 is not worth losing a finger, hand or what ever. Those springs are no joke. Here's an old post with the compressor I made.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... compressor</a>
auto zone had a spring removal tool that you can "rent" for free. we have used it several times.
i rented the tool from autozone, however it would not fit on the factory or highlifter springs. i left the bottem bolt and nut on the shock, and used three ratchet straps to compress the springs. it took a little while, but the job was completed. my buddly down the road picks his springs up tomorrow, so i will be doing his the same way.
need to just have guys who have this tool pass it around to guys on the site who could use it

I have one in the garage that is new. I tried the first shock and stripped it out somehow. I'll trade it for something or sell it for $30. I would prefer to just trade if for something interesting.
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