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HL Spring Install?

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I want to get some HL springs because most of the time i ride my girl and i saw that they sell them with a tool. Is the tool a must have for doing the swap or does it just make it easier? and for those who have them should i do the front and rear or can i just do the rear for the extra weight of another rider.
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They can be installed without the tool if you know what you are doing but it's not an easy job and it's easy to get hurt if the spring get away from you. Tool makes it much easier and safer.

Yes you can just use them in the rear for the extra weight. You can always do the front later if you don't like how the bike sits or handles.
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theres the highlifter tool looks like. you could do without it whne ive changed my springs on my other bikes ive had ive used a rachetstrap and wound it around the spring on the chock and racheted it down and it pulled the spring down and i took the half moon keys out and let the strap off.
wow i could make that tool from scrap in the garage, ill just do the ratchet strap I've heard of people doing it but wasn't sure how it works. and i guess ur right about just doing the rears, i could always do the fronts later thanks guys
It's not an easy job, I used a strut tool and it was scary.
scary what like they're gonna pop on you?
Yeah, there is just sooooo much energy when compressed it made me nervous.
thats why i use my rachet straps beacoue i knwo they will not slip like the strut tool will someitmes if you do the strapes right ive had no prolbums i can do my springs on my other 4wheeler in minits when i have the shocks off for when i ajustmy springs
ill probably just use a strap thanks guys
does anybody besides high lifter make lift springs?
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