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hl spings or lift

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i was wondering which one of these i should get i only have enough money for one right now.. does anyone have any suggestions?
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It depends on what you're looking to do with the mod. The lift kit will actually raise the bike by the amount indicated on the kit. Ride will be pretty much the same. The HL springs don't technically add lift. They are the same length but stronger than stock so they don't sag as much under load. They will add about 100 lbs to the weight capacity of the bike with a resulting increase in ride stiffness.
Another popular option is the Perfex Long Travel Suspension Kit. It gives 1" to 1 1/2" of lift plus softens the ride. So what you add first or at all depends on what changes you are tyying to make in your bike.
The springs will not lift the bike at all. It may bring it back to what it should be if you have old sagged out springs.

I will disagree with the comment above about the lift not making a difference in ride, because it does.

Personally I would say go with the lift.

I did both and noticed the mine had a more sport bike feel to it. The stearing was tighter on turns which was awesome. Overall if it was like mine your wheeler should feel more responsive with the lift.
I went with the springs only and it does great, really pays off when me and the wife ride together. I hate when the rear end sags when 2 people ride.
Just get both of them, thats what I did! If you do alot of mudding I would buy the lift first then definately get the springs. They are both great for the reasons mentioned above, but the lift gives you more clearance for your rear axle. If you do alot of just trail riding and rock crawling then the springs would be what I get first.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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