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HL lift springs

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Can you change the springs without the tool? If so how do you do it. If not I will buy the tool. Just wanted to know before I buy.
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you need a spring compression tool to swap the springs. or a strut tool you may be able to use the borrow program at AUTO ZONE. if you have stuff to make one it wil save you 40 bucks. i made mine it looked just like the one they sell.
I have no idea what they look like .
heres the link on how to use it and put it together with pics.

safer if 2 people use it 1 to press on the spring 1 to pull the retaining clip.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
you will for sure need a spring compressor,I did mine this weekend.I used the compressor we have at work for doing car struts,it was adjusted all the way in to get at the springs,but it worked.It requires some force so if you go get one of the portable deals at autozone,look and make sure it looks stout enough and will hold something as small in diameter as the shock.
aastelly is right. It is much safer to have two people help.
I just got mine put on last week. The strut compressor from AutoZone did not work for me. You need a mini spring compressor. I had one from putting a lift on my buddies 4Runner last month. We went to do it and the lip of the compression tool was too large to fit between the spring and the strut/shock. I called around and found a place that would change all four of them ( I had the stock springs and struts off the bike) for $36 w/tax. I had to call around a couple of shops though. I had someone want $120 per spring, and my dealership said I could not take the springs off, that I had to buy completely new struts/shocks. But for $36 I was happy because I could not have bought the tool from HighLifter for that much.
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