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HL front springs

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Just put on HL front springs. Improved the overall handling quite a bit. I really am glad I put them on.
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Hey great! what kind of price tag were they?
picked them up off of e-bay for $45.
How hard was it to put them on eric?
We (my father and I) used a strut tool and it was still a pain in the arse. I can't believe how taught those springs are. Second one was easier but I can't see how a person would be able to do job with the hand tool HL sells. I would guess it to be extremely difficult.
Well worth the effort though, handling is much better.
Did it lift the bike alittle. When you sit on the racks do you feel the drop or is it stiff.
Still drops when I sit on rack but it seems a lot better. I rode it tonight and hit the same holes I usually do and it handled the bumps like a champ. Places where I could feel the front skid rubbing before is no longer a problem.

It might sit a little higher I really can't tell a big difference by looking at it. I can definetely tell a difference when I sit on it. Front just feels better.
That sounds good i just recieved mine in the mail last Wed. But the bike is at the cottage. I'm dying to get it but i don't have any room to store the trailer right now plus it's to cold to do anything outside.Why did you just replace the fronts.
There were only two for sale on E-bay..........

I'll probably be getting a set for the rear later.
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