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HL Disc Brakes...

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well i finally decided on what to do to my was the disc are a few pics of the the instructions it says to use DOT4 brake fluid...i have been using question is can i mix the two?? they also have full synthetic brake fluids out that will work in the place of both 3 & 4 ratings...

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Technicaly speaking you can not mix dot 3 with dot 4. However, i have seen it done.

I would sugest just fully flushing out the system to dot 4.
like the rookie said, if you have dot3, you can mix dot4 in with it and it'll be ok. But your not supposed to mix a lower fluid if your running a higher one. Best thing, just flush it good and use the dot4
looks good brother man.
i called high lifter and talked to a tech there and he said i could add the 4 to the 3 and have no problems..the difference in the numbers is the bioling point of the fluid...i asked him about the synthetic stuff and he said it was good too...i asked if i had to flush out the entire system and he said there was no need...

thaks zipper
How much was the conversion kit and where did you get it?
i got it at Ashland Cycle Center in Ky...i got it for $296.00 out the door...where in WVa you at?
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Hey jsfcpawv check out ATVWV.COM there are a lot of people for WV on there.
he's already on the zipper...i thought his name looked familiar so i checked and he has been for awhile...
alright a question for all of you that have the highlifter disc brake kit...after i got it all put together and bled...i did the seating process and now i have a clicking noise when the wheels turn doesn't do it if you spin them backwards...i took the whells off and spun the hubs while watching and i noticed the pads on the calipers were moving back and forth when spun...they dont do it while spinning backwards though...any seems as if there is something catching them when it rolls forwards...i called highlifter and the guy i talked to said he has never heard of it and has had the kits on his bikes...any help would be greatly appreciated...everything is on correctly so i dont know where i went wrong...
If you think about it they are similar to a car's disk brake set up, but without the rattle clips. My xtreme kit does it and the wifes HL kit does it. I can touch my brake lever and the noise will quit. Once the pads wear down alittle it will get alittle louder.
is there any way to make it quit though?? i just think for 300 dollars it wouldnt do it... but for the guy at highlifter to say he has never heard of it suprises me...they work great but i just dont like the noise...i guess i will have to live with it or maybe i can put some silicone behind the pads and see if that helps...
well we rode a section of the Hatfield & McCoy Trail yesterday and i tell you what...the difference between them drum brakes and the hl disc brakes is night and day...i actually had to be careful coming down some of them hills and applying front brake...all i can say is one time i had come out of a mudhole and grapped the front brake hard to see what kind of stopping power it had with mud on it and the rear tires actually lifted off the ground a small bit...i wish i had put them brakes on far as the noise friday before we went i jacked it up and noticed the rotors are not true so that is what is causong the noise...wih wearing a helmet and 2 bikes with hmf pipes i didnt hear it much anyway...but to whoever is trying to decide if the kit is worth it......I SAY YES....
Good post. Thanks for the info..
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