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anyone got the bashplate and nosepiece? just fought witht these things for a few hours, the fit sucked. i never had problems with HLs products but this really disapointed me as far as ease of install goes
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I don't have eather but have you hit anything with your front end maybe?
no never hit anything, i just dont think they aligned this up as good as they should have in mass production of them
Just became a member to site. I bought a diamond-plate front plate for my 06 500fe from savant manufacturing and it fits perfectly. Looks great as well. Bought mine from dealership for 69.99. Probably get it cheaper if you buy direct.
Welcome to the site Tracy!
Good to be here.

  • 06 Foreman
    26 itp mudlite xtr
    itp ss rims
    stick stoppers
    savant diamond plate skid
    warn 2.5s winch
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