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HL 2" Lift

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In your opinion, would you say a lift increases the risk of axle/cv boot damage on the Foreman S 4x4? HL just told a buddy of mine it doesn't increase the risk of any damange. I honestly can't see how they can say that and thought they were honest folks????
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I personally don't have a lift and couldn't say for sure but all the posts that I've read concerning lifts have included comments about them increasing the risk of axle damage. Truthfully, that's the main reason why I haven't lifted mine. I'm anxious to hear what others have to say...
If you drive your bike like its supposed to be drivin with a lift kit then chances are you will never have a problem.

Now like most people...if you drive the bike how its REALLY supposed to drive it with a lift kit then you will have increased cv wear (cages wear out and eventually break) and rear u-joint eventually weakens from being put at extreme angles and being torqued from mud + mud tires and it breaks.

Just depends on how you ride. Me personally, if I had stock axles + a lift and the way I drive with my Outlaws I would last to long. Others, yes..."may the force be with you!"
with a

with a lift it will wear that inner cup on the front axles and when it breaks its a pain to fix the axle ive done it i had 1200 miles with a lift and it wore the medal down. but if u dont ride very hard u wont break an axle so u shouldnt have any problems

and i do belive it does break the yoke in the rear alot faster!!!! ive broke mine twice
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