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hl 2'' hitch lift anyone have one

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BGRDForeman i see 2'' hitch lift on your sig. do you have a pic of that. i use my hitch but i take it off when i go muddin because it acts like an anchor when i back up. or were can i find one.
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With a couple of pieces of steel you can make one or cabelas, gander mountain, and other stores sell a bolt on 2" hitch.
i have the 2'' hitch i just want it higher than the factory location, like above the axel, it wont dig in the ground when i back up.
they are very easy to make,i made one on my rubicon. take your hitch off set it on top of the bolt holes, get spacers to put in between the top and bottom part of the hitch then get longer screws. after that make a bracket that goes to a bolt on a frame so you do not break the hitch off. the hitch will not be as strong but i pulled other 4wheelers out and never had a problem. sorry if you dont understand what i am saying too much maby someone can help too.
2" hitch lift

sorry i dont have any pics but it is worth the $20.
all it does is take the factory hitch and relocate it on top of the mount that is part of you axle.It comes with two spacers,two longer bolt,and a stablizer that ataches to the dif.
where did you get it from, i cant find it on high lifters site, thanks for the help.
hl 2" hitch lift

The best thing to do is call the 800# and ask for Trey.When you order it on the web it takes alot longer to process.
I order from there and it only takes 3 days to get the product. not open weekends to call
I have tried a couple of these, I have not found one yet that I like. However I just ran across this one:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

You can take off factory hitch, and this one looks like it sits high enough where you won't be dragging the old anchor.

or you can get this: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

receiver is nice and high plus you have a pull ring.
i already got the factory hitch off and this is
exactly what i want thanks for the help.
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