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HK Farms Cobbtown Ga

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me and some of my ridin buddys were talkin about going and checking out hk farms in cobbtown ga the weekend of june 16th. can anybody out there tell me if its worth it and what kind of ridin you can do there. their web site shows some pics but the only muddin pics they show are of people ridin in a pond. any help or info will be much appreciated.
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i live in statesboro and I just heard about it last week..... Never been there but i was wanting to check it out myself

hey, nate its scooter nick's friend. i was checking responces on my post and saw that someone from statesboro responded. funny it would be you. we are thinking about going but we know nothing about the place. if we go you should come with us. if we do not go we are ridin somewhere that weekend so if you are interested let me know or call nick. scooter
i've got to work that morning but i could get off around 3.... if yall would be interested in riding that afternoon.... maybe at briggs or blackcreek. I'm off on sunday but thats fathers day so I'm sure we'll all be tied up doing something. If not we can ride.
we are going to go but i don't see why can't ride that afternoon. if it sucks we are just going to head back and hit up briggs or 80. but i'll have nick give you a call.
so how was it there? anygood?
impressed! Trying to get back over there on 3rd weekend of Aug. I'll stop by and tell you about it.
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