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I have been reading site since febuary and finally decided to join. Ive read and learned a lot and hope to learn alot more. Figured Id join incase i had any questions i havent read yet. You can never have too much info, or too many friends to ride with.
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Hi joecamel. Just out of curiosity, do you smoke Camels?

Ive been off the stuff for 6 months. Feeling good, but still fighting the urge. I guess I have been with joe for 18 years. I still like the name though. thanks
I wish i could say the same about my dippin'. Welcome aboard.
Welcome joecamel
Welcome Joe!!! Congratulations on "kicking the habit"!!!
Now you'll have some extra money to put into your bike!!!
Welcome Joecamel!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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