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hit water motor cuts off

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seems like when i hit the water hard from dry ground my foreman shuts down i had it snorkeled but took it off when i went to west virginia to ride any one know whats causin it to shut off
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umm a friend of mine has an older bike, its like 1998 foreman 300 and when he gets in water his bike cuts off also...he said it was something electrical so he went out and bought some kinda grease stuff that he put inside of his plugs and connectors and it doesnt die as much as it use to but thats about all we have found out so far
Dielectric Grease
any idea how many plugs i need to look for to grease
i'd just look for the only one. it is plenty.
Some guys on here will tell you to put it on all of them. I have not done it but I have no problems in water.
do you have your carb drain tube pluged
jwjr im not sure if i do i got the ventlines run to the pod but not sure if one is the drain plug or whatever
the drain hose is on the bottom of the carb. it has a check valve on the bottom and it does not work. so u might want to plug it..
Plug the carb drain with a golf tee and your problem should be fixed.
the end of the drain is at the back of the right floor board as you are sitting on it. if you lay down and look up under there you can see it. it will sould have a check valve but in some cases (like me) its gone.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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