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Highlifter XL Wheels

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Have ya'll seen the new Highlifter XL2 wheels? They look pretty dang good.
They are on the home page of the Highlifter web site. They are $85.95
a piece.
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**** thats alot of $$$
I like those cheap $45 black wheels. I need something light and them Rokstars i like arent to light. What a light, cheap wheel?
So is there something special about those xl2's or are they just another rim?
i was just going to make a post about them. they look real good but i dont know if there going to sell alot for that price.
The price is quite steep. I just thought they looked good. I don't know
what is so special about them to be so high priced.
The price does inlcude lugs and caps so that adds to the price, but they cost no more than maxxis's wheel or type 6's, i like them alot though
cant find them...please post a pic or a link
they are on the home page of
my bad...i forgot to refresh
I like them.

Guess they are nothing special but they only weigh 8lbs
Come with caps lugs and valve stems

And there $2 less than type 6's
Just ordered some - XTRs w/ Type 7's for sale

I just ordered a set of the XLs w/ 29.5 Outlaws. They were just $10.00 more than most of the other wheels.

I have a set of 27" Mudlite XTRs on 14" ITP Type 7's. The wheels are the black power-coated and they fit the Honda Foreman (amonst others). The tires have about 50 miles on them. Both are in perfect shape. No scratches. I'm asking $730.00 shipped. They'll be available Monday Jan 23rd.

Drop me a note if you're interested. joepharis (at)

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Picture of the XLs with 29.5 Outlaws

I put my new 29.5 Outlaws with the XLs on last night. Here's a pic. There's a few more in the Video and Photo section. I like them wheels alot as does everyone that's seen them. The pictures just do not do them justice.

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That looks great. Nice lookin' ride you have there.
My XL2's came in yesterday. But the honda place wanted 25bux a wheel to swap them

Ill be taking them to my buddys work tomorrow morning to get them swaped out
Those XL look better on your bike than they do on HL' site.
Those wheels look sweet on yellow
Thanks for the thumbs up

Thanks for the compliments. The XLs look even better in person and these 29.5 Outlaws pull like crazy......

The set was a great buy.
at timberlanes the other weekend there was a guy (edward?) on a silver brute 750 with a LOUD HMF.. they are fine on a BF!!!
QUOTE ("MiamiE":115o5keu)
I like those cheap $45 black wheels. I need something light and them Rokstars i like arent to light. What a light, cheap wheel?
INTERCO Condors they are as light as the XL wheels but a lot cheaper i sell them for 260 a set with caps and lugs i have the 4 spoke on my 300 i dont really care for their 8 spoke though.
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