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HighLifter Wide Tracs Wheel Spacers

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How much do HighLifter Wide Tracs Wheel Spacers really help like they say they do? Are they worth $200.00????

Extends wheel width for more stability on hills.

Provides a wider stance to pull through ruts better by grabbing the edges rather than spinning in the bottom of the rut.

Provides more clearance between tires and shocks, struts and exhausts.

Are they worth $200.00????
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i would think so

i think that they would help you if you have some big tires on there, like 28's are bigger. it seems that the tires would really grab a lot better with the spacers. now, if they are worth 200, i doubt it. what you need to do is find someone who has them and ask them about it or maybe try to get a set made. sometimes, making something is cheaper than buying it (snorkel)
I always run 1" in front. It makes it steer a little harder but I like them: looks and a little stability.
How big are the highlifter ones?
I run 2.5 inch spacers on my bike. Steering is tougher but balance is way better. I'm also putting 28" outlaws in my bike. I got my spacers for 69.95 canadian off of ebay including shipping.
Are they Highlifters?
I have the HL 1.5" all around. It's more staple but harder to steer and i fine the steer raduis has increased. At least my front wheels don't rub against my shocks anymore.
my 2.5's are not HL's. I got them from a company on miami. Some guy off of ebay was selling them.
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