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Highlifter shocks and a stupid mistake, any ideas?

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I have a 2001 450s, and decided to add highlifter springs.I've had it for about 3 years now, and evidently never really looked at my shocks, because I found today, as I wasemove the shocks, that I have Works Performance DRS shocks installed. My question : Do I now have a pair of highlifter springs which are of no use to me, or will these work on what I have? Any ideas? Thanks...
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not sure if they will work or not. Here is a site with alittle info on the Works DRS shocks.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... _desc.html</a>

The only other way I know of is to remove the work shock spring and compair it to the HL spring. You can apply a heavy weight to the top of both and measure the height between the two. Measure the ID of the spring first before removing to make sure that the HL spring will fit the shock itself.
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