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Highlifter Outlaw M-S-T Tire

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Have ya'll seen these? May have to get Lady Foreman a set of these. I don't know how much they weigh or what ply they are. They are on the Highlifter website. Check'm out.
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Theye are based off the Swamp Witch. I would like to see what the price difference is. I wonder how much extra it will cost for the Outlaw name on the side and some added siping. It does have a good side lug though.
Now thats got some beef on it
I'd go with mud bugs before I'd go with those. They're just too expensive to be an All Terrain style tread.
Can't go wrong with the bugs. One of the best all around tires at a good price. The regular Swamp Witches are reasonably priced though.
The witches are the same as the mst's except for the sipes but the sipes ain't gonna help ya in the mud plus the witches are about 30 to 40 dollars cheaper than the mst's and are available in larger sizes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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