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Highlifter lift spring problems

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I just got an email from and they are telling me they can't ship my springs until Highlifter says so. Something is wrong with them and Highlifter is fixing them.

Is anyone having problems with their rear Highlifter lift springs??????
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they had problems with the rincons lift springs not that long ago.. i never heard about the 500s having problems..
I emailed them and made sure I ordered the right ones because I had heard the same thing.
i hope nothing is wrong!! i had mine on for about 4 weeks, i haven't noticed anything.
Just get them directly from HL. Give Dan Dogherty a call, he'll answer all of you questions.
I emailed him already, but I have ordered them from that place already. I saved about 35 bucks this way. I only had 500 to spend so I had to shop around.
I have never heard of a problem with them at all, I have not had any problems with mine.

I haven't had any problems with mine
So what all are you getting big daddy?..............DGL and some lift springs?

You will really like the lift springs by the way. Before you buy the tool ask around at one of your local shops, maybe someone will put them on with a strut compressor tool for $25. or so.
Thanks for the idea Eric!!

There is nothing wrong with the springs, atvoutfitters emailed me back and said that HL or whoever makes the springs put all fronts in the boxes. Fronts and rears. So they don't even have the rear springs. I guess the shipped them everywhere like this.
I got mine a couple weeks ago and they were right. Must be a recent problem. Just like the stock springs, the rears are about 2 " or so longer.
48 did you get the tool?
I got my springs today, a day late but I got them. I guess they felt bad they sent me the tool. I checked my invoice and I did not pay for it FREEBEEEEE. They must of felt bad .
I already have the 2" lift on my bike. If I order those springs will it pick my bike up too high that the driveshafts are at weird angles?
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":31xllvdu)
48 did you get the tool?
Naw BigDaddy, I did not get the tool. I had helped a buddy put a lift on his 4Runner a couple month back and still had the tool from AutoZone. Someone on here said it worked better. At least the one I had didn't, the lip was too big to fit over the springs and between the strut. I did my Lift kit at the same time so I pulled the stock spring and shocks off he bike and took it to a local ATV shop. No auto shops around here had a spring compresser for struts and springs that small. It cost me $35 w/ tax which was fine with me because the tool was $40, and I did not have to risk breaking my face! I heard the highlifter tool you have to put in a vice. Did you get yours done yet? I would definately sell that tool after you get done with it, unless you plan on using it again.
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