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HighLifter lift or Perfex??

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I just recently got a new 06 Foreman and obviously one of my first mods I want to do is lift it. I was wondering if yall could help me decide which one would be good for me. Do the HL and Perfex lift the bike about the same amount?? I've read in here that the Perfex is a smoother riding lift, but by how much? Will the HL beat the heck out of you?? I'm planning on running 28" 589's on ITP type 7 wheels. Does anyone know of any issues with running these wheels/tires?? Thanks in advance for your help!!
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The perfex kit will really increase the ride qualty but you really wont gain all that much lift. I personally went with a moose (i think it was) lift cause the brackets were made of thicker material and was actually cheaper than the HL kit. You might want to check out the HL fender bracket kit since your going to be runnin such a big tire.
Sasquatch - I see you have listed in your Mods that you got a 3" lift. Is that all from just the Moose lift kit or do you have something else on there to get the additional inch. I'm not too terribly concerned about the ride quality, I just want it to look mean and have some big meats on it. So now I guess I need to decide between the moose or HL lift. Also, I see that you got the HMF exhaust. Did you notice a big change in performance, and is it obnoxiously loud? Thanks for your help. My buddys and I go riding out at Spring a lot, might need to catch up sometime.
Big meats & big lift = broken axles. The HMF is fairly loud, but definately worth
it. That was the upgrade that gave me the most noticable power.
I got about 1 3/4"s of lift with my Perfex Kit, i don't know how much lift your looking for but you must remember, if you put to much lift on it you will stress your front axles and could eventually break them, depending on how you ride. The Perfex softens the ride and gives you some lift so you actually get 2 improvements for the price of one, all the other lift kits just give you lift. It's your choice.
I am concerned about breaking the front axles, which I obviously don't want to do. Do you think that the 28" 589's will fit without any trimming if I put the Perfex lift on?? Having a smoother riding lift will definitely be a plus as well.

Railroader - I have heard that the HMF exhaust is almost too loud to ride behind, but I've heard the Supertrapp is not near as loud as the HMF with about the same performance increase. Do you know if thats true. Thanks for all yalls help guys.
Yes, i can tell you from experiance. My wife & i have the same atv's
& i have the HMF & she has a Supertrapp IDSX. Hers is much quieter
& they both "feel" about the same as far as power & torque are concerned.
I like my HMF, but at times it does get a little loud. Especially when you gas
on it real good .
Yea the hmf does get alittle loud at times but thats why you buy the silencer core with it, helps alittle. When ever i put it on i did notice beter throttle response and more power. The 3 inch lift is from the 2 inch lift kit and the HL lift springs, i measured it and the springs gave me another inch. All that will put added stress on the shafts and cv's but thats why i went ahead and got gorilla shafts. Iv actually never seen a broken ujoint in the rear drive shaft and we push our machines pretty hard, but like all mechanical things there evintually gonna deteriote and break. The lift and big tires will only speed up the process. O well, 28inch laws here i come.
Also SASQUATCH forgot to add, If you go over a 26" tire you have to get the HL fender kit. What it does is relocate the fender support brackets out of the way of the big tires. Also I have the HMF it is loud at times but I love it!!!
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