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Highlifter lift Kit

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Has anyone installed one? Any tips or pointers? Let me know.
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Been thinking of getting one but havent decided what one to get since robb says on one u gain ride and lift and the other you just get lift.
I put on the HL lift kit, pretty simple(considering im not to mechanically inclined). Still rides nice. Cant wait to get bigger tires.


05 Foreman 500
HL Lift Kit
Stock 25's (for now, at least)
budman so no problems with your axles?
Rubicon3303, I've had no problems with the axles after installing the kit. The CV's are at a little more of an angle, but so far ive been happy with the results. I've gone riding several times and haven't heard any unfamiliar noises.


I think it was Robb in the 450 forum that had a problem after putting his kit on. He was supposedly going to send some digital pics to HL, I'm curious to what HL said about his problem.
Budman - Here is what they told me:

From Highlifter - I got the pictures and forwarded them on to our research guys. From what I saw and what they told me everything looked to be installed correctly. We have sold thousands of the kits over the years and never had a problem like this. My recommendation would be; If you think that the lift will harm your machine, remove it. We can not refund your money because the kit has been installed.
I still have yet to take my axles apart, I suspect there may be something wrong with them.
Robb, Thanx for the input. Let us know whats up after you check out your axles.

Robb,did you ever get a torn boot on your axles before the problem.I had a branch poke a hole in my rf axle(inner),didnt notice it for awhile untill a noise occured.I took it out and a local auto cv rebuilder cleaned it up and put a new boot with grease for $30.They told me they stock boot kits and joints for atvs now .Call around and ask prices...Other than that one time i never had a Honda axle fail on me,at on time i hade a HL lift kit and the progressive shocks(1 inch lift)with 27 589s.NO problems,just rode like a tank...Let me know if i can help,or update me what you find...
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