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Highlifter Lift Damage

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OK...I apologize for anyone who purchased a HighLifter Lift due to me praising them and having no trouble. I sent the 650 Rincon axle's in just for new CV Boots. I recieved a call today to come see the damage.

Aparently, the 2 inch HighLifter Lift puts the front axles at such an angle that the actual shaft rubs on the inside black caseing... ( Picture #1 ). This in turn caused the metal to flair out wearing the metal. This smashed the metal over and closed the grove that allows the snap ring to come out. It thinned the metal paper thin that you can bend it with your fingers...

The damage was so severe that the ATV shop asked to keep an axle to show other patrons what happens with too much lift. I did no think that was too much but obviously wrong..

Replacement price ??
Gorrilla Axle for the lift.........2 for $700.00...........No Warrantee
Stock Axle.......................... 2 for $320.00...........Warrantee
Daytona Axle Rebuild...........2 for $600.00...........No Warrantee

Well, I got a 2 inch HighLiter lift that I will pay someone $50 to come to my house and take this POS out of my yard.

This damage was unseen due to it being under the boots..No way of seeing this comming. Good luck to everyone, I just wanted to get this out so people could see.. Thanks guys...And see you on the trails....someday..
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Now you can call me Boomhower.. " Yup..Mmmmmmm "..
MADRE DE DIOS, I'd be whoopin sumbodys A**
im thinking this is only a rincon problem, i never seen any other honda like this. somebody please correct me if im wrong. sorry about your bad luck ron hope you get it fixed soon. could this be b/c of the lift block and the spacers adding so much lift on the front? i think we have all come to the conclusion an inch or two isnt worth it. i know i have.
QUOTE ("Vaughn":2wtuwla5)
i think we have all come to the conclusion an inch or two isnt worth it. i know i have.
I'm willing to bet your wife didn't have a say in this conclusion.......
Black Rinny..You kill me, and yes.. If you notice.. most of the lifts only come with the brackets to lift the shock...This lift comes with the brackets as well as the spacers.. Here are the pics..
I know...I have a lift on my rincon also.and now you have me think about removing part of it if not all of it.
Here is what I am gonna try...I am removing the bracket at the bottom of the shocl. I am going to leave the spring spacer in and see if this allows enough clearance to turn the alxe. Tha Moto Speed Lab seems to think that this will be enough to take the " RUB and GRIND " off of the axle. Will keep the Rincon owners with a lift abreast... Ha Ha Ha. I said Breast...
your dealing with know con is one of the owners. You know how he treated everyone at house of pain. call highlifter and see what they say
Trust me...I take what they say with a grain on salt anyways, but tend to agree that the lower bracket will release the bad angle...Look at the second pic of the shock mount...Look at the extreme angle of the front axle...OUCH..
That will happen to all Hondas .. Our shop gets a few a year in that have lift kits over 1" on the front ,what happens is the axle rubs HARD on the CV joint housing next to the retaining ring and peans it over .. This makes it impossible to get the ring out so when you cut a boot they can't be changed and you need a new axle assy ...
You might get away with a 1 1/2" lift on models with a wide stance like maybe 450 or 500 but myself I wouldn't go over 1"..

This is a picture of a 2001 TRX350FM that I re-assembled without the boot to show how far down I could PULL the hub down without the lower shock bolt ..As you can see it will come down approx. 1" until the axle hits the CV housing ..

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after seeing all this pics im def removeing my whole lift. you would think high lifter would have figured this sh-- out when they made the lifts.on the package it says it will only wear out your boots.
#1 reason why i took off my perfex kit and finally bought a set of Elka shocks.I want the ride without the quad being jacked up.I understand that you guys want some lift but i really don't think the 1-2" of lift is all it's knocked up to be when you start to add the cost of replacement parts up over the year or so that the lift is on.don't get me wrong it took me over a year to get these shocks but i didn't want to ruin my axleshafts from a lift.just think of what it's doing to the u-joint in the rear driveshaft that you can never see.
post a link to this thread on the highlifter site, curious what they have to say.
Truckman..We agree whole heartedly....NOW...And I agree, 1-2 inches of lift is not worth the damage and heartaches, but you would think when you buy something and speak to the reps, and they assure you that everything is fine....You would tend to wanna trust them. Well..Learned the hard way. The lift is comming off. I would rather have a great running bike, than a HOT looking broke one that keeps my wallet empty.. Hmmmmmm
that is some scary stuff right there
Sorry about your front axles...Hope you can get it fixed before the Rabbit Run this weekend.

I was wondering how many miles you had on the HL Front Lift before the axles gave out?
Trust me...I'm on my horse...I just hope that by taking the bottom brackets off, and leaving the spacers in will be enough to take the angle off. I dont have a spring compression tool or I would take it all to Highlifter and plant them in the Honda reps " ALAMENTARY CANAL " ...Yes...his A$$ !!!!!!
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