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Highlifter Fender Kit

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Does anyone out there know if the HL fender kit is actually required to run the bigger tires? I have an 06 Foreman with NO lift and borrowed my buddy's 27" Dirt Devils just to try them out and they did not rub at all. I haven't even heard about the HL fender kit until I joined this forum. I am planning on running 28" 589's and a HL lift. Do you think that I will actually need the fender kit, or will I be ok without it?? I'm working offshore and I'm trying to get everything I need ordered now so I will have lots to play with when I get home in a few weeks. Thanks for you help.
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you should be alright,i'm running 28 outlaws w/high lifter lift .No Scrubing .
i've seen a boy run 28 mudbugs with no lift or fender kit .
if you do for some odd reason scrub just take the tire off and bend the fender bracket by,beating it with a sleadge hammer.
To tell you the truth im really not sure. I figured i would need it so i ordered it along with a with a bunch of other parts. What company do you work for? I work for M&M crane services and currently offshore myself out of ICY. Sounds like a nice foreman youve got there, we need to go ride sometime.
Yeah I kinda thought the same thing, don't know if I will need it for sure or not, but what the ****, its only money. So I ordered it!! I'm an ROV Supervisor for Canyon Offshore. We are owned by CalDive and on the vessel Q4000. Right now we are in GC110. Thanks for the compliment about my bike, but right now it is just a stocker....but as soon as I get off this boat, I will have plenty of things to bolt on to it and make it a little better.
the fender kit is only needed if your front tires are wider than 9.5"

aka: 29.5 outlaws that only come in 10"-12" widtths

Robb actually just bent his out of the way and has had no problems so far. will let you know if his front fenders fall off

i have 27" claws and they are fine
those 1/4" support bars look like it would be really easy to beat with a hammer, and get out of the way!
My fronts only rub when I turn all the way. I did have to trim my back fenders for the rears to fit though.
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