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highlifter big bore kit

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what are they talking about when they say cylinder sleeve is it a whole new jug or does it go in my old jug i dont understand it
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the bbk that HL sells, it requires the factory sleeve( liner) to be pressed out of your cylinder and your cylinder will need to be bored out so the new bigger sleeve will fit in your cylinder. If your ever have problems with this kit, you can only go back with a bbk unless you buy a complete new cylinder with the factory sleeve in it.
oh ok so you bore the factory jug untill it is the right size and press a new sleeve in so theres no overheating issues
it will get hotter than normal if u put in a bbk i would sugest a fan switch
i would rather put another oil cooler on it then it would hold more oil and it would cool twice as much at the same rate
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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