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High Lifter Springs

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Anyone running them? Are they worth the money? Pro's and Con's. I'm thinking about getting a set. Just wondered if anyone can tell me anything about them b4 I buy them.

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Watch Highlifter on the supposed " no damage "...The springs might be fine, but the lift will destroy the axles...They swear no damage will occur, but refused to speak to me on the totally destroyed axles on my Rincon!!!!

Check the Rincon section on Highlifter Lift Damage..there are pics that will suprise youand Highlifter will blame it on YOU. Just trying to help and don't want anyone else have to spend over $350 on 2 front axles.

Not trying to make your decision for you, just want you to make an educated decision...
Thanks for the reply. I'm very seriously think about removing my lift afterseeing the damage that can be caused by lift kits. I have less than 200 miles on my 05 Foreman. I don't want anything like that to happen to mine. So would I be better off just getting their Springs and removing the lift kit? I think that if I installed the springs I would probally be close to the same height with the lift on. What do you guys think? If HondaMechanic can verify that they come back to the dealers with broken shafts, that is all the proof that I need.

the lift springs are a good investment and won't affect your axles in anyway. they are rated 100lbs over the stock springs which is great for doubling or carring heavy loads. But as Rincon 650 stated adding a lift and running the springs can cause damage on some bikes.
Now I'm confused. So I can leave the lift on with the stock springs and my axles should be fine. I know that they will have some added wear due to the higher angles. So I should not get the springs unless I reomve the lift?
I think he is sayng that the springs alone would be fine and don't add any angle stress to the axles... but the lift will put the severe angle on them...
So should I remove the lift and add the spring just to be safe? Thanks for the replys.
Your call.. I know alot of people that have 1 and 1 1/2 inch lifts and they are fine. I purchased a 2 inch Highlifter lift kit that came with spring spacers as well as bracket lift. This put such a strain on the axles that they rubbed the ends into a bevel. No such damage happened with the Moose 1 and 1 1/2 lifts... Dunno...
Additional photos..
I think that I SHOULD be alright with the 1" lift that I have. I had my self worried there. Thanks for all of the helpful info and pics.

Yea..unless you have both brackets and spacers, then you will be fine with a 1 inch lift. I think I went overboard with 2 - 2 1/2 inches of lift. Wasn't worth it. You should be fine..
Thank You for the great peice of mind. I can now sleep better at night.

Thanks Again, Rusty
No prob....enjoy..
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