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High Lifter Springs

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I have a 2" HL lift kit on the front of my foreman. i put it on the front so it would level it out. i was wondering if i took it off and put the HL springs on would it be level or not? also it wouldnt bind the cv joint like the lift would it?
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I am curious to know too. I have been thinking about getting me some springs. Plus I think that the yellow springs would look good with the yellow four wheeler.

The HL springs will do 3 things for you bike, return it to stock heighth, increase your payload by 100 lbs front and back, and stiffen the ride some. I added the Perfex kit to mine to counter the stiffness of the ride and it seems to work great. I do a lot of hauling with my wheeler in the fall and having those springs allows me to carry more gear on my hunting trips.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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