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High Lifter Off-Road Park MEETUP!

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When: September 3, 2011 @ 0800
Where: High Lifter Off-Road Park ( High Lifter Off-Road Park)

Who is coming?
Green Demon

I plan to make the best of it while I am there. The word around town is that it is very dry so Scrubb33 is going to be doing a rain dance every day so we can get some good trail riding and mud. I would love to have as many people who can show up to show up. We can make this a fun weekend! Plus tell your friends to come.. you know them.. the ones with Poopoos.. We take pictures of the Honda towing them back!

PM me if you want to go so I can get info. We can coordinate it better and find out where everyone is.
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thats awesome. the center piece looks the worse but its only plastic.
thats cool that you had a good time on your play date lol
im glad that you guys did your rain dance ....good pics
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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