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high lifter lift springs, exist 4 the 500?????

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does anyone know if HL has come up with a lift spring to fit the 500? every time i call, no one seems to know when they will have some to specifically fit a 500 foreman. on the web they have some that fit the 500 honda but that particular spring was made to fit the rubicion and not the foreman 500. i cant wait to get some for the front and the back of my bike!!!!!
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they say that because the foreman 500 and the rubicon have the same suspension setup. The suspennion is alike in every way necessary for the successful instalation of the lift springs

my 29.5s used to rub when i turn and hit a bump at the same time but now that i have put the spings on it i love it
shock springs do exist!!!

for anyone who may be interested.....
today i ordered the HL lift springs ,they say that the rubicon springs are totally different from the 500 foreman springs. they also cost a hefty 30.00 more than the rubi springs can't wait to get them in !!! i will let anyone know how they work!!!! LATER!!!!

when i got my springs i think they said 500foreman on the box
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