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High Lifter Clutch Kit

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im considering buying the High Lifter Clutch Kit and was courious about how hard it was to install? so if any of you guys have any experiance and could let me know i wold appriciate it! thanks
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Its not really that hard at all. The one thing that is the hold up is you will need to purchase a clutch puller, or you can pull the oil tank and front cover then bring it to a local dealer and they will mostly pop it off for you for a few bucks. other then that it'll only take you a few hours. good luck
Awesome i appriciate the info do you think it is a worth while mod or can i get my low end back that i lost when i put the larger tires on by doing and intake, exhaust, and jet kit.
It is a great mod; however I feel the driveability suffers. Just a little more difficult to operate in technical situations. Good luck
how so does it make it more twitchy? and harder to drive at slow speeds? nwhat exactly does the mod do? im pretty knew to atvs
A clutch kit allows engine to rev higher before engaging centrifugal clutches. Honda is known for instant response. Meaning, as soon as you apply throttle the machine starts to move. When you install a clutch kit, more throttle is needed before machine starts to move. When climbing rocks or attempting technical riding, it tends to be a little more herky-jerky. It is a great mod if you run large tires.
The clutch kit is only 5 or 6 little springs that make it harder for the centrifigual clutch to expand. Meaning that it takes more RPM to engage the clutch which lets the motor run closer to its power band. you will find more power when your in the mud. its a great mod.
awesome. great. thankd for the info and the advice. i am def gona invest in this mod. if i purchase teh clutch puller how hard is the kit to install?
not real hard at all, just make sure your bike is real clean so no dirt falls in the case and take your time. the little springs can be a pain in the but, once the springs are in its a peice of cake. good luck
thank you for the help guys!
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