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High Lifter brakes

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Does anyone else, who has the conversion kit, notice that when playing in the mud, sometimes you have to pump the hand brake a few times to get the brakes to grab? I just intalled them a few weeks ago, but I noticed it the first time I got in the mud and noticed it again yesterday. It does not do it when I am riding normal, they work perfect. I don't know if I need to try and bleed the brakes again or what.
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That's what i would think, Try to bleed them again, But it sounds weird you say they act right when normal riding but when you mud ride they don't... that's crazy
Yeah that is just how I feel, crazy. I don't know. I am going to try and bleed them again today, just to see. Hopefully it will work out. Other than that, they are awesome!!!!
I have disc kit on my 98 foreman & this happens to me also.The caliper is sliding back in the housing causing you to pump the brakes to get rid of the extra clearance between the pads & the rotor.It will get your attention the first time this happens,but you will get use to it.I did.Moon
Cool. There is no way to fix this?? I have already got used to it. Oh well
My foreman does it and it has factory disks.
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