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high compression piston

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can some one give me a link or a web address as to where i can find a high compression piston for an 06 foreman 500 i am also looking for a cam for it
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i really dont think that anyone makes it for the 500 yet!!!! if they did i would know!!!! sorry i think we are out of luck. if i am wrong please some one let me know!!!!!
darren do you know what is the largest diameter you can bore the cylinder out to, like .25 or whatever and also how much does it change the cc's on the engine.

i have bored out .25 over and i dont know if it was the clutch kit of the engin but i could pull the front tires off the ground when i bored it and put a clutch kit in it, the most u can go is 1.00m it goes like this ( .25, .50, .75, and then 1.00 over and that is what i am waiting on from honda a 1.00 piston it should be here tuesday. and i will let yall know how it does!!

ooohh and i dont really makes that much in a cc change and not much horsepower i think mabey like 1-2 more hp but u got to think that these bikes only have like 16hp stock but im not very sure on the hp!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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