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High Altitude Jetting??

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Im about to be going to the Rocky Mountains and im going to be about 7,000'-10,000'..... What jet do i need for this altitude and where can i get it??
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I have taken mine up to about 9000 and it didn't need anything.
here in Utah, the dealers Must re jet all new hondas out of the crate,

I live at 4800 ft and last weekend i rode trails up right 10K, elev.
your Honda dealer should have a high altitude jet kit, that consists of a # 155 jet for the Rocky Mountains,
They usually come stock from Honda with a ( sea level) jet that is a # 158 or close.
New Honda jet # 155 will run about $10 to $12 around here.
good luck..........
It cost me about $7.00!!
I hope it makes a difference, it was lam last year!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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