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I just signed up. Found this site the other day when doing research on Foreman 400's. I have two 1991 TRX300FW's and one is starting to rattle and smoke. I have had it since it was new and think it is the greatest. I need to get the engine rebuilt but need to use it for the next couple of weeks. I have had the urge to get a "new" one for a few years now but don't want to get rid of the old ones. I have had my heart set on a Foreman 400, mainly because they sit as low as the 300, and a little more power can't hurt. The local dealer has this so called "great" deal on new 2006 Rancher's($4500 manual shift 4x4). I just can't bring myself to get one of them, they feel too high and tippy. My brother has a 2004 Rancher AT (some clutch trouble) which I have ridden, it just doesn't feel the same as the good ole 300, and I am assuming the manual Rancher rides the same. As I read some where, I like the glued to the ground feeling. I was wondering if there is any way to lower the Rancher, I know this seems the opposite of most, but that's what I like about the 300. I have found a few Foreman 400's on the internet, but nothing very close to home. I am afraid it is only going to get harder to find one in good shape as time goes by. What's your all opinions on the comparison of the 300, 400, and the Rancher? I live on a ranch and use it for chasing cows and hauling fencing materials. Some of our terrain is pretty rough gumbo and washed out ditches.

Anyway, glad I found this site. There is lots of informantion here. Is there a site like this for the 300's. Seems like there a jillion of them around.

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it doesnot really matter about what bike you have on this forum....we just have a little more information on foremans....but we have people on this site that have pretty much all makes and models. i am sure someone on here can help you out...dont think you would want to lower the is pretty sturdy stock.and is low enough are most all bikes when have to be almost asking for it if you flip them when barely moving....unless you race highspeed you dont need to lower it....just my $0.02

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