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Hi Lifter lift kit...

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Hi... I am thinking about adding a lift to my quad. I have been looking at the Hi Lifter 2" kit and I was wondering if anyone else is using this kit and if so how well do you like it. Have you had any problems with it?
I realise that lifting the bike will change the angle of the drive train and I was wondering how this will affect dependability.
I just recently got my new tires and wheels bolted on and this forum was invaluable in helping me with my decision... Thanks in advance.
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I personally wouldnt recommend putting a lift kit on. #1) causes stress to your u-joint and could possibly break.

#2) Axles are at a more severe angle causing them to fail easier/quicker.
Yeah I knew it would put extra stress on the drive train. I just wanted some other opinions.
They work as advertised. May want to look into the Perfex kit, doesnt lift quite as much, and gives a nicer ride at the same time.
i have had no problems with mine. i made mine its a 1 1/2" also your boots wear out alot faster.
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