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hi.. from a newbie

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hi.. i am new to this site. I purchased my rubicon 500 off the show room floor.. i have been happy with it ever since.
The only thing i DON"T like is the fact it is an " all time 4x4" and the kit that it takes to make it able to be switched into 2 wheel drive is.. or was over 300$ Any suggestions on that??
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Welcome. The price on the Warn 4-2-4 should have gone down by now.
Check on ebay you might finding them cheaper. Welcome
Welcome to the site. If you like the Rubi now, wait until you can put it into 2wd.

Here is a link fo rthe Warn 4-2-4 for $238.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ProdID=332</a>
Welcome to the site.
welcome to the site dont be afraid to spend a little money on the warn 424 you will love it.
Spend the money on the 424, you will LOVE IT.
Welcome Welcome Welcome
Welcome Welcome Welcome
THANKS... sounds like a warn 4-2-4 is in my future. First stop...EBAY!
also thanks for the warm welcome.
c-yall in the MUD!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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