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hi all here

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hi all im new to this so as you all know i will be asking some questions looking forward to what i hope to be a good new hobby

just got given a honda foreman 4x4 trx350d i think lol

so any help would be most great full

first would be any where to find a manual

if not plug gap size would be good
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Welcome... In reference to the manual and the gap size... Hang in there.. the Hondamechanic will be on shortly. He and a few others on here are our saving grace.. They got all the answers.. Again.. welcome and enjoy
welcome peanut666
Welcome peanut666
thanks guys

ok one more question on the offside wing theres a black box with a row of lights on it

any one no what it should do or what it is because it dont light up
Welcome peanut!
Welcome to the site.
Do you mean on the left front fender? It is a LED fuel gauge. All of the lights are on when the tank is full. I have an '88 TRX350D. The gauge on mine did work when I got it but after years of getting mud, water, etc. in it, it does not work anymore. I would not trade my '88 Foreman for a new one, these are some of the toughest hondas ever built.
Sorry RIGHT front fender
yea thanks i found a manual now and was helped out
the tank on mine dose not have a sender so it dose not work
i bridged the wires and it lights up so ill look out for a sender unit
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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