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How was 5A sunday....?
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its getting good there now, we had a good time for sure!
Good Deal........ Did you try the back part of Grassy Pond... i found a spot out there that kinda caught me off guard !!.LOL!!!

Was there a lot of Riders on sunday ?

you missed out on the fun fo sho!!!!
Lets figger out when we can hook up and ride as a group or something,,,,If I go sat everyone else goes Sunday or I go sunday & everyone is wore out from Saturday

Damnit man !
you will find out that most of us ride sunday...... but if more girls are going saturdays then sign us up!!!!!
its now football season....Sundays are out! I have hard earned money to lose

I believe we are heading out to SE this weekend, maybe screg and the drunk biatch will confirm
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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