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hey "Honda Mechanic"

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can you tell us if the swingarm on the 05-trx500fm is the same as the rubicon 500 for 04 or 05,, or the foreman for 04..
Im looking for one online and only can only find 04 listings for the rubi and foreman.
also is it the same swingarm as the 04 or 05 rancher.
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I checked the part numbers first ..

TRX 500FE /FM ..# 52100-HP0-A00
TRX 500FA /FG ..# 52100-HN2-000

Next I measured (as best I could)

Both bikes the width at the pivot (swingarm bearings) was approx. 10.5"
and the length from the swingarm tube to the brake mount bolt was 14" on both bikes ..

The bikes were a new TRX500FE and new & used Rubicon ..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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