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Hey guys, need a suggestion.

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Im new to these forums, and found them out by mistake. I have a huge question: Is there any place to order complete half shafts for a 450S? I bought a used Foreman from a good friend of mine that used it mainly to ride around his farm and check on horses. About a week after I got it I noticed it started making a clicking when I turned left. I removed the half shaft and found the outer cv joint had a bit of play in it. Would you recommend replacing the complete shaft, or just buying the new cv joints? Money is no option. I really love this atv, and have had a blast with it since I had it. I also love this site I also need a good place to order a set of handgrips from, as these are almost wore down to slicks. Thanks again guys.
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We installed both Honda & aftermarket axles .. The aftermarket shafts are just as good and quite a bit cheaper ... If it's the outside CV joint I'd get a 1/2 shaft ..

As for handgrips I've seen them listed on eBay quite often ...
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