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Hey Forman owners look what i found on ebay

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How many of you ATV owners have tried to back a trailer or wood splitter or something else in the exact spot you want it the first time without jackknifing, then pull up and do it all over again many times? Here is the best thing that you could put on an ATV I have one and use it all the time my wife can even put her trailer where she wants it when doing yard work I move (drive) my woodsplitter and utility trailer I even move my camper and horse trailer and portable sawmill where I want it the first time without any hassel. Ever try backing woodsplitter or utility trailer in garage or shed with only an inch or two clearances on each side? Well you can do it with this accessory, if you use your ATV for anything other than trail you need one of these.
I found one on ebay take a look and let me know what you think.
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I was gettin' all excited. I thought it was somethin' I could put on my truck. It is hard as heck to back my trailer in my garage. I have a Triton SL-8 side load trailer & it can be kinda hard to back up cause of the shorter length. I think it is a little over 8ft. long. Oh well, that is a nice accessory anyway. Instead of backin' the trailer up, with this product you can go attach the trailer to the front of the atv & push it where you need to.
yeah I was looking at that yesterday. I like it, good looking piece, I dont ever pull a trailer with mine, or push one, but its a great idea.
I think you may be under estimating your Honda Foreman S, I move my 17 foot Camper that sleeps 6 all over around the house with my 350 Foreman, it has to weigh over 900 lbs. The Triton SL-8 only weighs 300 lbs. I don't think you would have a problem moving it wherever you wanted.
Here is the only picture i have of it working right now, never tried to post a pic before dont know if it will work or not
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