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Hey everyone!!

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I Have been reading this site for sometime now and wanted to go ahead and join now. Iam currently saving up to get a FOREMAN right now. I have learned alot on this site. It all started when I borrowed my sisters Rancher 350, to go ride with some friends that had there own, now I am hooked. Coast Cycle World has exactly what I want on there floor. (06 Red Foreman 500s) For some reason my girlfriend thinks that it would be better if we paid all our bills off before getting one. Well iam looking forward to meeting everyone in this area and maybe riding with yal someday!!!!!!!
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Welcome aboard!!
Welcome to the site !
Pay all the bills off first????
Hmmm...maybe that is what I did wrong! No wonder I'm so broke now!!!
She is a smart girl, but waiting is no fun!!!
I know that's right!! I hate to wait on anything!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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