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I have read various posts about the Foreman 500 on different forums. Some positive some not. The positives usually revolve around durable, reliable, and good work quad. The negatives seem to be about the Foreman not having IRS, fuel injection, liquid cooling, as much power or top speed as other ATVs, etc. And a lot of people seem to buy them and enhance their performance with different air filters, clutch kits, mufflers, etc. I have learned a lot while reading people's posts and have been thinking about why I bought mine and why I plan to leave mine pretty much stock (added Oxlite guards on the front). I am new to ATVs and don't feel the need for tons of speed (the mid fifties is fine with me). And the Foreman has taken me everywhere I have asked it to. Also, I really had to lobby with my wife to get the Foreman and know that she would not be supportive of further investment in it. I have ridden my friend's Polaris Sportman 500 and 800 and enjoyed them very much. But even after riding those I am still very happy with my Foreman. I am more of a cruiser than a hard charger when riding. It will be put to work in the future also. I got the Foreman brand new for $4794 total out the door (Oxlites extra) which helped convince my wife. After all I've read, I can see that it is a good thing that there are different ATVs and aftermarket parts for different riders.
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